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Principal Consultant Pat Evans has retired, and as of January 2024, we are longer taking on new clients. Upon request, enquiries for service will be referred to trusted colleagues (below).

To all of you who improve the world through your professional and volunteer work with nonprofits, the public sector, research institutes, philanthropies and other community-enriching organizations, keep on fighting the good fight. You do make a difference, even though sometimes it seems like the rocks are getting harder and harder to push up the hills. It's been an honour to support your struggles.

Who You Gonna Call?

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Please consider talking with these fine professionals about your facilitation and planning needs:

Siena Consulting: Gayle Farrell and Bohdan Zajcew specialize in facilitation, strategic and operational planning, partnerships and capacity building. Health care, public safety and community organizations are just some of their foci, and they bring a results-oriented lens to all their work.

May Communications: Lisa May specializes in researching and synthesizing complex information in accessible forms to create meaning for audiences. She liaises with project leaders, conducts stakeholder interviews, analyzes qualitative data, writes and edits content, and oversees design production. Her areas of expertise include health care, affordable housing, and capacity building within Indigenous organizations.

Vantage Point: This nonprofit organization focuses on capacity building for the sector, including consulting and coaching by industry leaders and professional facilitators. Strategic and operational planning, and executive director recruitment, are among their offerings. They also present a great range of workshops focused on building organizational capacity.